Healthy Sexuality
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Debi M. (Debi) Briesacher is an AASECT Sex Therapist (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapist).

She treats individuals, couples and children for any issue or problem related to sexuality, as well as providing sex coaching.  Examples of issues she has seen include issues with intimacy, courtship, sex and aging, sex and cancer, gender issues, body image, disability and sexuality, erectile dysfunction, retarded ejaculation, intersexed individuals, Tantra, libido, sexuality and Christianity, fetishes, zoophilia, g-spot, pelvic discomfort/pain, and others.

As Debi began to take sex addicts/sexual compulsive individuals and their partners further into their recovery, she realized she needed more expertise in the field of healthy sexuality.  Most of the individuals and their partners she had treated had never learned about healthy courtship.   In his book, "Don't Call it Love", Patrick Carnes studied over one thousand sex addicts/compulsives and their families.  He found that 81% had been sexually abused either overtly or covertly in childhood.  This sexual abuse can create a sexual template that influences the individual's sexuality the rest of their lives. 

Through recovery utilizing Patrick Carnes' Task-Centered approach, there comes a time when the individual or couple needs to learn of what healthy sexuality and courtship are composed.  Debi also utilized EMDR, IMAGO Relationship Therapy and the TANTRA sexual approach at this point to help create a new sexual template, allowing the individual to reclaim their innocence and create the relationship of their dreams.

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